Thursday, 8 October 2009

Three Finished Stitcheries, and a wonderful gift

I wasn't looking forward to this week as I was going to have my kitchen turned upside down in order to have a new floor laid. It was going to be necessary to have all the appliances, and the table and chairs in my lounge, as we don't have a garage attached to our property where I could store everything while the floor layers did their work. The Garage is round the road, and everything would not be insured there. Anyway, they have had to delay work until next week...... thus delaying the turmoil.

However on Monday morning, after advertising a velvet button backed rocking chair on Freecycle to giveaway, and a lady replying by phone and asking me after having a chat with her after me saying the chair was no good for Stitching in. She said to me, "but would it be good for Spinning in", and me saying yes; she turned around and said would you like a spinning wheel.
I have always wanted a Spinning Wheel since I had visited a County Show some years ago, but could never afford to buy one, as something always came up where I had to for go having one.

About an hour and a half after ringing me she brought me this beautiful Ashford Spinning Wheel. Apparently she belongs to  the Spinning Guild in Exeter, Devon, and it was surplus to her needs. I was so amazed at her generosity, I was speachless nearly......(not the normal me)lol! And.... she even brought me a fleece to start spinning with.
When I last had a go at the spinning I was a natural the lady had said....... but now I think she was sooooo wrong. I need to have loads more practice before I can spin any yarn suitable for knitting. I will get there though!!!

My latest stitchery finishes

The  Peaceful Bird is a freebie courtesy of Betty at Primitive Betty's.
I thought it was beautiful, and will look lovely in my quilt when it is finished.

I just love the Attitude Fairy..... my husband says it is so me!!

I just love doing these stitcheries, as they are so quick to do, I can do a couple in an evening.


A Frugal Dessert Recipe. Yummy!!!!!

serves 3

I had a few fruits that were left from last week,
One white peach with a beautiful red centre,
One Necterine,
One Large Black Plum,
One small cooking apple.

I took the skins off all the fruit, cored and stoned, and sliced into a dish.
sprinkled with 2 desertspoons of muscavado sugar.


Take two crusts of the end of a pre-packed loaf
(normally these get left in our house)
Blitz the crusts in a processor,
add 1.5oz butter, and two tablespoons of muscavado sugar,and
two generous tablespoons of dessicated coconut.
Blitz again for a couple of seconds, and then spoon over the fruit.

Bake for about 20-30 mins until topping truns a nice golden brown, and the fruit starts to bubble through, depending on your oven, mine took 20 mins in a convector oven, at 180 deg C, or Gas 5., 350 deg f.

Enjoy!!!!!!!!   We did.


  1. OMgoodness - spinning wheel is fantastic! Love your finishes; they're so cute! Your food looks scrumptious!

  2. Cute finishes! And what a generous gift! How wonderful!!

  3. Wow - now that was an excellent exchange!! Those little stitcheries are just the cutest!

  4. Wow that spinning wheel is wonderful! I hope you have loads of fun using it and the yarn you will make.

    The stitching blocks look great and I think they will make a beautiful quilt!

  5. I love the embroideries too; they are quick and easy. Is this flower one a freebie or did you design it? I'd love to have that pattern.
    Thanks for sharing