Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blackwork Finish & A Game and Craft Country Show

Thank you to all of my followers who left a comment for me last time. All comments are much appreciated, and it is always nice to hear what you all think about the things that I blog about.

The picture above is a small blackwork piece which I worked on 22ct Hardanger fabric. The pattern was a freebie by M.Brouwer, who I must thank for the lovely little pattern. It was a delight to stitch, and it will be made into a needle case. I will also make a scissors fob to match with part of the design. ( Please click highlighted word to find pattern). You may also find another seasonal pattern on the link at the moment.


Day out at The Game and Country Show.

The weather was beautiful at the weekend, and for a long time my Husband has wanted to have a go at Falconry. Recently I was emailed that a Game and Country show was to be held fairly nearby, at Powderham Castle in Devon. The castle is home to the Earl of Devonshire. So I decided on reading that there was to be many falconry displays, and that the public would be able to fly the birds of prey, that we would go. Unfortunately after being there most of the day, there wasn't the chance for him to have a go at falconry, but we had the most wonderful time looking at all the crafts, and seeing the birds fly.

I had a Harrier Hawk land on my head whilst trying to take a photo of it in flight, and I was amazed that even with its long talons it didn't stick them into my head. To the contrary it was so gentle sat there upon my head like I had been crowned with a bird hat, and it sat there for about 3 minutes. My husband was so thrilled to see it up so close to him. Me not so, as I have a fear of birds up close.

This is a pic of the very bird.

Harrier Hawk

More birds which we saw

Barn Owl


Golden Eagle


Eagle Owl


For Some who like Knitting

There was a lady at the show who was displaying knitted rugs to cover picnic chairs, and the for the floor, all knitted on what looked like broom handles. Enormous needles about three to four feet long. The yarn that she was using was a double knitting wool multiplied up 15 times. When she was demonstrating she had 15 cones of wool on the floor at one time. I asked her how long it took to knit a row, and she said she could do 2 rows in 2 hours.

Here are some pics of what the rugs looked like.


Other Crafts that we saw

There were local blacksmiths who had taken mobile forges so that they could do a demonstration of their craft, the items that they made were beautiful. I have shown some of their work below.

Woodcarving & Hippy Hut


Items made of Driftwood


Some Cute Dogs

Jack Russell Pup

Lurcher Shaking Hands


Our Stuart Slaying a Dinosaur whilst having his first go at Archery.

He got the Dino right in the top of its head.


I did buy a bit of Stash......well it had to be done!!

Dear Hubby has a new mobile phone that has a screen that is always on display so it needs a case. Also I thought I would make some little slippers for our little grandson who is a baby of 5 months. So as I was walking past this small marquee I saw that they were selling the softest of fine glove leather, it was a regal blue..... I just couldn't resist.

The lady who served me told me that they have a website, but they don't list the fine leather as a product, but if you contact them they will always oblige in sending you some, if so wished. They also sell beads, and other general craft & leather craft supplies, & leather accessories.

They can be found at http://www.theidentitystore.co.uk/


And On The Way Home we saw.....

The most wonderful Fallow Deer Stags.

I thought you would like to see this beautiful building. Its called the Minadab Restaurant just between Dawlish and Teignmouth,Devon, I used to live near to it, but have never managed yet to go to dinner there. I really must do sometime, just to see if it is as pretty inside.

Just going down in to Teignmouth looking at the mist over the water, where the sea meets the River Teign


  1. What a lovely posting! You must have had a fantastic time. Your blackwork is so pretty, and thanks for the link. Be sure to show us the finish.

  2. The blackwork is lovely and the owls are fantastic, maybe your DH will get a go at falconry next time.

  3. Dawn,
    Love the blackwork - your pictures were awesome - what a fun day!

  4. Your blackwork is great and the pics of the birds are awesome thanks for sharing with us..

  5. Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. Your blackwork piece is really pretty too.

  6. The blackwork is magnificent.

  7. Hello !
    Your blackwork is gorgeous.
    And so is your portrait of the barn owl!

  8. Your blackwork is lovely. The pictures of the wildlife is magnificent. I love the Barn Owl, sucha stunning face. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.