Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A Small Finish, My own Stitcheries for patchwork, and more.........

A touch of Autumn in my garden

Autumn is most definitely here in England. My small Japanese Acer on the left with the pink Ixia's peeping through, and the Mahonia in the pic on the right are just a sample of natures rich colours. Isn't mother nature amazing, only a few weeks ago the Mahonia was a dark rich green, and the Acer was a beautiful burgundy copper colour.

Well my faithful followers I haven't really been doing a lot of stitching the past few weeks, especially the week before last, as I had the builders in my kitchen laying down a new floor surface which needed a latex screed spreading all over before laying the final finish. This had to be done over 2 days, so the kitchen was a no go area. It was awful as I had to have most of the kitchen appliances etc in my lounge Ugh!!

However, I did get to make a little key fob from a pattern that I found some time ago on Corinne Leroy's beautiful blog, the pattern can be found here. I used 18ct white hardanger, and DMC 817. The gold chain edging was a piece of gold coloured thread that had been knitted through one of those knitting dolls that children have where the cord comes out through the bottom of the doll. 

My~~~Happiness Is~~~ Blocks for patchwork

I have designed a series of Stitcheries, which I hope to be able to sell if they seem to be popular.
Below are a couple which I have stitched up to show you.
I would really like your comments about the stitcheries to enable me to judge whether I should carry on with the project, or give up now.

Pinkeep WIP

This is a work in progress of a pinkeep which I have worked on 36ct raw linen. When I found the pattern which is a freebie on Sablaise's blog, I thought how lovely it was, and could also be used for a Christmas ornament, especially done in these colours.Thank you Sablaise.
The pattern can be found here.

The cards below are just some which I came across a couple of weekends ago at a flea market.
The two with the brightly coloured flowers are Dance cards dating back to the 19th Century. The one with Cinderella printed on it is dated 1889.
The other with the white Chrysanthemums on is a Christmas card dated 1888, and says on the back Edies' love to Nellie.

I just couldn't resist them. I bought 13 cards in all, and will post some more another day.


The Dividers which I have used on my blog are courtesy of the Gutenberg Library which I found whilst downloading some free books, and of course are free to use under UK & US Law as they are now copyright free.


  1. I envy you for having such a lovely garden! I love your key fob too.

  2. No, don't give it up. I love those designs and I know others will too. Autumn in the garden is beautiful and the key fob is such a good idea. Thanks for sharing.
    babs in alabama

  3. Love work, Dawn. Your stitcheries are cute and your key fob is adorable! Your garden is just gorgeous! Hope everything is straight in your kitchen now. :)

  4. Your stitcheries are wonderful. Dont give them up. X

  5. Dawn, your stitchery designs are so cute. Don't give them up. Did you design the flowers embroidery in the previous post? If so...I love that one and would buy it.

  6. Oh you all are encouraging ladies... thank you.

    Carolyn.... the Kitchen is great now thanks.

    Robin.... No the flowers stitchery in the previous post wasn't mine.

  7. Dawn your heart ladies are very pretty. The only thing I would change for myself personally would be the lettering. Either make it slightly larger or use 1 strand of floss.

  8. Carol, Thank you for your point about the lettering.... I have taken your comment onboard.I think you are right about using a single thread.

  9. Dawn, do not give up on your stitchery designs. Love the fob and your other stitching projects.


  10. Thank you for your visit in my blog!
    I have seen your blog and it is very beautiful! (Excuse me for my english!)
    Madame Chantilly