Tuesday, 5 May 2009

More Stash, Dartmoor & the Sun was Shining......

New addition to my stash..... the haberdashery is laid on about 4mtrs of 32ct pink linen which I was lucky enough to acquire this weekend.

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day, and the family and I went down to Tavistock which is a small town nestling on the edge of Dartmoor. Although having passed quickly through the town previously, we didn't realise what a beautiful and bustling market town it was. It quite took me back three or four decades to how life used to be, before life had made people not have a lot of time for each other, and the faster way of life had taken over.

When we arrived at the centre of the town the first thing we saw was what we thought was an outdoor market, only to find later that it was a local art exhibition for all the artists who live in and around the Dartmoor area. Their stalls decked with bright green and white stripes were arranged outside what we later found to be a pannier market, which sold all sorts from speciality foods to small antiques. I was in my heaven, and of course, I just couldn't resist.

When entering the pannier market, I felt like I was transported to a bustling bazaar in some far off Country. All the stall holders were very friendly, and wanted to chat; not like the people in the town where I live. I took a few pictures of some of the stalls to show the amazing things that they were selling. In particular I was amazed at some beautiful quilts which one lady had on sale for such a reasonable price; and which had been hand quilted. Their prices ranged around £65-£70 ($98-$105) for a double quilt.

There was another lovely stall which had hand woven shawls, scarves, and bags.

Of course what I was really looking for was more stash, as I have a scissors case & fob made for an exchange at the moment, and I wanted something suitable for finishing the two items off.

I did find a stall in the market which sold a few items, but not what I really wanted urgently. I bought the pins which are showing in the pic at the beginning of the blog, and also some white cord.

After visiting the market, we wandered along the small streets of Tavistock peering into the small, almost Dickensian type windows to see what treats we could see. All the buildings are built from a dark grey granite, and are all very similar in design above the shops. Many of the buildings, and houses in the town are Georgian. Suddenly we were drawn to a particularly gorgeous shop by the smell of freshly ground coffee. We entered the shop to find it was like a modern version of a Victorian Food Emporium. Even the gentleman behind the counter looked the part. It was a beautiful sight with shelves upon shelves, of Epicurean jars of pickles,chutneys, jams. There was a cheeserie which sold every conceivable cheese you could think of. We of course were drawn to the coffee section, where there were sacks of coffee beans in front of the counter, and Tin upon tin of various blends of coffee, and on the counter was the grinding machine, where you could choose which bean you wanted ground, and have it freshly ground for you. We purchased some wonderfully aromatic Colombian coffee, which I must say was not really much dearer than the supermarket sells in ready packets. Needless to say we sent a coffee aroma all around us when we were walking down the street.

Further on down from the Coffee Emporium we came across a wonderful craft shop which sold mainly stuff for making cards etc, and art products, but they did have a lovely collection of beads,ribbons, and cord....... and dare I say I succumbed again.
In the part of Devon where I live we don't have many Rhododendrons in peoples gardens, but In Tavistock they seem to thrive, and there are many mature Rhododendron plants which have been trained into trees. One of which stands in the grounds of the Church in the town square.

For those of you who follow my blog you will know that I cannot just walk past a bargain piece of antique porcelain or pottery, well yet again I couldn't resist this piece which I have posted a pic of below. I believe that it is Chinese, and quite old, but I haven't yet been able to read the backstamp, as it is a white seal on white. I need to get more advice on it. I think it was a steal at £5 even though some of its enamels have been chipped, but its age and beauty outweighs this I think!

Some Pics of the buildings in Tavistock

We thought that it was strange that a statue of a man be built into a wall of a very ordinary end of terrace cottage. We have yet to find out who he was, and what his claim to fame was. Here is the pic.Here is a pic of the first hospital( Georgian in design) in Tavistock....... now a dentists surgery.

The Trip Home Across DartmoorOn our way back over the moors we delighted in all the beautiful flora that abounded. The bright golden Gorse shone and stood out in great clouds of gold even out on the horizon. With bluebells, primroses,wild orchid, and wild garlic(ramsons)which lined the hedgerows where the terrain wasn't quite so Savannah like. We wended our way through from two bridges, and on to Dartmeet where we stopped for an home made ice cream....made with clotted cream and real strawberries; not good for the waistline but....yummy!

Whilst getting to two bridges, a herd of about 30 wild Dartmoor ponies were stood by the roadside blocking the right hand side of the road. We had to slow down right to a stop... my husband not realising his window was open then had a fully grown pony stick its head in the car, and nuzzle him.With that a funny little mini moke type vehicle came tearing up the hill to where the ponies were, a man jumped out with about three children then herded the ponies all down the hill, and tried to get them to go to his remote farm. Obviously they had escaped from their field and wanted the freedom of the moor. They stampeded down the hill, and right through the car park where we had eventually gone to watch what was going on. Most of them galloped past to where they should go, but three very naughty ones decided they liked the taste of freedom.

This is a pic of the naughty three.


  1. What a delightful day out you had and some really lovely photos that are just crying out to be painted. I see that you also love the longer pearl topped pins I too cannot resist them and you have reminded me that I need some more

  2. Terry, I love the pearl topped pins, I used to use them and very fine brass pins in the beginning when I did lacemaking.
    I did paint last time I went out that way. I shall have to put the painting on here won't I.

    Than you for your comment.

  3. Hi Dawn! Thanks for the tour of the countryside! It sounds like you had a fun and relaxing trip. I love the little dish you found, I hope you are able to find out where it came from! Thanks for praying for my family, I'm going to miss my "yahoo family" while I'm gone but I'll let you know when I get back. *hugs* DJ

  4. You did very well describing your day. I felt like I was there with you. :o) The art exhibition sounds and looks wonderful! Something I definately would have enjoyed. And your area is beautiful.
    Hugs, Elaine (bbi)

  5. Gorgeous pictures!! This is why I love England- such beauty is unsurpassed. And there is so much to do and see! Oh I hope to go back someday! Thank you for sharing these.

  6. Wow, what a peaceful country side!! It is beautiful. I live right in the middle of the city and have to drive for hours before I see nature :)

    I can't wait till I am able to show a picture of my first stash :)

    Thank you for your comments on my blog.

  7. Hi Dawn...thanks for the trip through the countryside and the lovely pictures of your adventure. I love the English countryside and wish that I could go back and amble for weeks on end! I never got to your corner of England but your descriptions and pictures make me want to jump on a plane this very moment!!! Kathy O-Stitch Heaven Group.

  8. Hi Dawn,
    Sounds like heaven! Especially the pannier market!
    Thank you for taking me along.
    Nice pink linen!!

  9. What fun you had Dawn. Love the countryside and all the historic buildings. The market would have been a treat for me as well. Nice bargains you got. You go girl!!!

  10. To all you lovely ladies who take the time to read my blog. Thank You!!
    I am glad that I was able to transport you for just a while. Isn't it lovely sometimes to get away from those day to day routines.