Monday, 20 April 2009

Two New Cross-stitch Books

These two books which I have shown here are my new acquisition from I can't believe my luck in someone wanting to get rid of these books which are new and never been used, and me being able to have them for nothing. The lady who gave them away for recycling had bought them with a thought of starting cross-stitch but never had the courage to try and stitch. I am just amazed.
The "Cross Stitch techniques and design encyclopedia", is absolutely full of projects and charts, and have chapters of Celtic & Medieval, Traditional,Folk Art,& Contemporary.
The Teddies book has some really lovely samplers and cute things to make. I have never been into teddies in cross-stitch much, but there are a few small items which I am going to make, like the pin cushion, and jam pot covers etc. I shall not be doing a large sampler,as I like smalls best. I will put pics on my blog when I have stitched them.
I think that when I have done the items that I want to do, I shall have a little competition on my blog, so that one lucky winner can have the book of Teddies for their own..........keep watching out for this. I will put a note on all the stitching groups I belong to when I have organised how I am going to arrange the competition.
What a weekend........
All weekend the sun shone, we had to go down to Cornwall to take a few bits and pieces that DS had left behind when he moved, and to see DGS, I was feeling a little apprehensive about going since there had been three nasty accidents in the past week on the A38 where people had died, and I just couldn't help worrying. That road is not good at the best of times.
On the Thursday afternoon prior to us going to Cornwall my arm and shoulder started to give me grief to the point where I couldn't even sleep. I got progressively worse, and no painkillers would stop it hurting. I got in touch with the out of hours doctor, and he was worse than useless, and said just to take paracetamol, and some brufen which I already had. They didn't touch the pain. By Saturday morning, I couldn't even dress myself. Every time I moved I shouted out like a banshee. No doctors available Saturday, and anyway we had to go to Cornwall. Worst of all, I couldn,t do any stitching either(total boredom & misery).
I can now fully appreciate how difficult some peoples lives can be, not being able to do the simplest of things for themselves, like going to the loo, dressing themselves, washing etc., the list goes on. Do you know just how many times you use your favoured arm!!
Finally after a long Saturday, and not sleeping, and ouching constantly I got to see a doctor at the hospital who said that I had Tendinitis in my shoulder joint. He reckoned that I had injured it by straining my arm by lifting something heavy or awkward. He prescribed me some hefty painkillers, which when under the influence of I have no pain, but I cannot drive, and have to rest my arm, but at least I can now sleep of a night time.
Needless to say DH has had to do all the household chores this weekend, as well as the cooking, and mowing the lawns. I did appreciate all that he did for me, bless him, but I was so bored with not being able to do anything, I thought I would go mad.
By the way the sun is still shining. Spring is finally here.


  1. Great find on freecycle!

    Hope your arm settles down for you. At least you can take the pain pills at night which means a little sleep. Great that DH is helping out with all the work. If you didn't know it already; he's a keeper! LOL

  2. Thanks Terry, the pills are helping a bit, but one lot makes me feel so sick, I think it must be the codine in them.

  3. I love your books Dawn. Go slow on all those painkillers and use a hot water bottle for the pain there where its inflammed. Have you ever had a blood test for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

  4. Thanks Alice, I think I did have a RA test a long while back, but I do have Arthritis in my neck. Sounds like I am falling apart (Lol)

  5. Hope your shoulder is feeling better now. I had tendonitis in my elbow, it's not nice at all. Hugs to you.