Friday, 27 March 2009

My Friendly Stitchers Sal stitching so far......

This week has been a bit busy so I haven't got around to a lot of stitching. I had got a bit behind with the Yahoo Groups Friendly Stitchers ASAW Sal and had only done about 5 motifs out of the 12 that had been charted, so I decided to catch up on that before starting on any other projects. I think my most favourite out of the motifs so far is the ' Mole '. For my US readers I don't know if you have moles in the USA but they are little animals about 8" long, and are virtually blind, that make a terrible mess of your lawn if you get them burrowing. They leave little hillocks of earth all over the place, and are very difficult to get out of your garden. Their main diet is earth worms.

These are a few close ups of some of the motifs.......

The Sal has been stitched on DMC 28ct Linen, in DMC threads.
The link to the Friendly Stitchers Group is to found on the left of my blog page.
Hopefully next week I shall be able to get on with other patterns that I have been wanting to stitch for a while.


  1. The mole is delightful. I had a friend who had a tennis court, it was never any good for tennis as the moles just seemed to love it

  2. You made progress Dawn. Yes, I have loads of those little critters in my garden and havoc they wreak.

  3. These are so cute! I asked for membership in the Friendly Group, so maybe I'll see you there as well.

    Yes we have moles in the US!

  4. You made a wonderful progress on it! Great job!

  5. Great to see you're catching up with this Dawn - now I'm feeling really guilty that I haven't! I especially love the catkin motif.

  6. Just love your little mole he is so cute, and its great to find another stitcher who paints as well, look forward to seeing how this project progresses

  7. Thank you to everyone for your nice comments.