Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A Bit of Victoriana

Little did I know 16 years ago when I made the pattern'Lace Trifle' just for me to stitch (pictured here), that it would be so popular with other stitchers.Not having any crossstitch programme at the time, let alone a PC, and wanting to make my own patterns, I had to get the graph paper out to do my own thing.
I have always had a mania for Victorian things, so I decided that I would make a pattern that looked a bit like a victorian calling card. At that time there was nothing in the rectangular space, I added the heart, and the rose and love later.
I have had some lovely comments from the fellow stitchers in the Groups that I belong to, as I have offered this pattern as a freebie to them. My Groups can be found on the side panel of my blog.

For many years now I have wanted my own cross-stitching site, but finances never allowed me to do it, nor did I have the time to keep the site maintained. But the children are older now, so I think it is time I did something about it.However, is this the right time with the economic climate as it is. Only today I heard that my next door neighbour is to be laid off from her job, along with all the rest of her workmates at a well known Mail Order Stitching Company, which is linked to a well known Publishers.There is a lot to be considered.

I would like to show you another picture of a pattern I designed two years prior to the one above. I don't have the pattern anymore, but I do have the piece which I stitched, and have never framed it, which I suppose I should have done. Its just been tucked away in my great big sewing box.


  1. Dawn, your designs are amazing! I wish I were that creative. I do love visiting your blog! Sad commentary on your neighbor and her co-workers, I hope they are able to find jobs soon! *Hugs* DJ

  2. I love your designs Dawn and will treasure your Victoriana. You should have pursued your crafty talent and its never too late.

  3. This is a gorgeous design you have created!

  4. Thank you ladies for your encouraging comments.