Monday, 9 February 2009

On a cold Februay Sunday.....

Yesterday was so bitterly cold, but we ventured out to a nearby bootsale, as my youngest son adores rooting through other peoples clutter. It was hardly worth going as there were only a handful of poor souls who had decided to sell their wares. However, I was really delighted when I happened upon a beautiful Victorian Cake Plate. I must confess I do have another passion apart from Cross-stitch and sewing etc, and that is pottery and porcelain, especially of the Victorian era. My husband dreads me going to flea markets, and bootsales, as I always end up " saving a piece from the clutches of the great pottery graveyard in the sky"Lol! I have boxes and boxes of beautiful china stored away.


Since joining various stitching groups I have come to realize that I am not peculiar, and not alone in hoarding material which I know will be sat for years in some box waiting for the time when I suddenly remember that ' piece' of material is the exact piece that I want to use for some project or other. For years, more than I care to remember I have had a stash, of fabric, lace, beads, patterns etc the list goes on and on. My poor dear husband looks in despair sometimes, at the huge stash that I have collected, particularly when we decide to move a room around, or decorate. I only wish like some ladies have that I had a room specifically for it all.

I suppose I am a confirmed obsessive stash collector!!

Yesterday's Finishes

I have just put together two smalls:- needlebook and ornament by Windy Willows

I also decided that I would try making some covered buttons worked on a natural linen and stitched in crossstitch with a valentine theme.


  1. What a lovely beginning! Oh, I can so relate! I've started clearing out my craft room, and it's hard to even sort there is such a variety! I also love 'dishes' of many sorts. That one you found is so beautiful. Your finished are so pretty, and the buttons are sweet as can be! Drop by for a visit when you hav a chance:

  2. HI Dawn,
    Welcome to the would of blogging. I hope you are better at it than I am. LOL
    I especially like the heart buttons. I hope to try that myself. I sure understand your stash crisis.


  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of 'Bloggery'
    I love your stitched pieces and it's great that we can all shre them
    Take care

  4. Your plate is lovely. You are most definitely not alone - I don't my DH has a real clue as to how much stash I've really accumulated! Your finishes are so pretty and I love those buttons!