Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Chair Back...

With thanks to my needlework teacher Miss Cheffin, God bless her, I am able to work my cross stitches with confidence. More than 40 years ago now she taught us to neatly sew with 10 stitches to the inch when dressmaking by hand. The first crossstitch piece I ever did was down to her when she thought we would all enjoy making something useful, but at the same time decorative, and had all of the girls make chairbacks made from a large even weave fabric in pale blue. Sadly, I don't have this piece to show, as it disappeared many years ago, but it was decorated in a Norwegian design with little flowers and patterns. It took pride of place on Dad's chair, although I used to be a little disgruntled as my Dad used to wear Brylcream on his hair, and the chairback used to get all messed up. However, that is where it stayed for years with a regular wash each week.

Nostalgia Ahhhh!!

I feel I was born in the wrong era. I would have been much more suited to living in Victorian Times with all their fripperies, and lacey bits. I just love all the special little trinkets, and sewing tools which they had then. Although there are some really beautiful things around now too.
A couple of my favourites are:- http://www.cherishedstchs.com/IndexNEW0109a.html and


My Latest Finish

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