Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It was one of those evenings.......Argh!.....

Last night was just one of the worst evenings for a while. Having two sons of very differing ages is very stressful sometimes. One wanting to act older than the other, and the other just plain irritating because he has been used to living in his own place, but now returned home.

As usual I collected the youngest from school in the car in the afternoon. He came out in a good mood for a change and said that he had, had a good day.Oh! thanks heavens I thought, as some days he comes out acting like the whole world is against him, or that some other child had done something to him that has agrevated him. He's at that age you see....( an inbetweenie) a month to go before being a teenager. When we get home and go through the usual ritual of having a drink getting changed etc. , he decides that he is going to see his friend who is mother lives very nearby. He gets his beloved BMX bike out and off he goes, and shouts back to me that he will be back at 4.30pm.So then I decide.....Mmmmm a bit of Stitching might not go amiss, as the big son is out.... 10 mins goes by.........No Such Luck.

Big son comes in, blusters through the door, huffing and puffing because he has just had a strenuous Badminton game. He promptly plonks himself down at my computer, and decides that he wants to make a new blog, and doesn't know how to go about it. Bang goes the stitching since he keeps saying Mum how do I do this, and how do you do that. I give up the thought of ever trying to stitch, and besides it is now 4.00pm and I should really think about what we are going to have for dinner as hubby usually gets in at 5.00pm or thereabouts. Not that he is worried as to whether he has dinner on the table when he comes in or not.....bless him.....he's just the most easy going man I have ever come accross. He is a Libran and very easy to live with.

4.30 comes and goes and young son hasn't come home.....4.45 comes and I start to worry since you hear all sorts of stories in the news. I couldn't get him on his mobile and I was worried, as it said he was unavailable. Then I get a call to say Hubby will be probs. Eventually young son rings on home phone to say he's sorry but he had to go to the friends Dad's house which is miles away,and that his friends bike was broken and he had to help him home, and that he would be home in 10 mins. ............Not!!!! 20 mins later at 5.50 young son comes in, new jeans ripped on one leg up to the knee, and said he caught the hem in the bike chain........Urmmmm!

After dinner, elder son got on Hubby's nerves, and we went out to get a breath of fresh air. Came back and thought Ah! I will now do a bit of stitching as everyone had settled down doing their own thing....... But no........ they had remembered it was Pancake Day.......... Now I was going to lose it, as I detest having to stand there and make numerous amounts of pancakes while they stand there with their plates waiting for another, and another. By this time I was getting to the point where I felt I was being deprived because I really wanted to do stitching, and had wanted to do so all day, but to no avail. Eldest son offered to make them, but he is just so hopeless at doing any cooking without making a mountain of washing up, and mess in the kitchen I said no thanks. Hubby came down from having a shower, and said he would make them. Bless him.

Don't you just love your kids!!

I then got my chance............ Stitching .....Yes!! I got out the SAL that I am doing with Yahoo Stitchers Heaven Group, the pattern is Alla Turca by Pelin Tezar. I wanted to get on with it as I am behind most of the others in the group, only not having completed part 1 yet, and most of the stitchers have finished part 2.

I suppose I had stitched about an inch of the design on the right when I realised I was 1 thread out way back, and had to pull out all I had done. I suppose that's the trouble with stitching at night, and when you are not at your best.

This is my WIP so far on the Alla Turca SAL

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. You have me blushing.
    Your Alla Turka is gorgeous. I love the color you are using.
    As for the sons, all I can say is good luck. :) I grew up with 5 brothers and well remember the arguments. I don't know how my Mom got through those years. She was a saint.
    I hope your day today is much better and you can find more time to unwind and de-stress with your stitching.