Friday, 20 February 2009

Eyelashes the Giraffe Ornament

I was so chuffed the other evening when my husband came home. Look what he brought me. I just love giraffes. Only on Sunday we were watching a programme on TV about Paignton Zoo, and how the zookeeper was having trouble trying to hand rear this baby giraffe when it was born, as its mother had rejected it and kept kicking it, and at the end of it all the baby giraffe died. I was so saddened, as the baby giraffe was so cute you just wanted to reach out and help it.

Animal Prints and Fabric and Crossstitchers.

I have a passion for animal prints in particular, zebra, and leopard imitations. However they have to be not garish, for me anyway. I really don't like these faux fur fabrics you see and the prints that the manufacturers put onto throws.

As I am in the theme of animal prints I though you may care to have a look at the link I have given, as there is a very nice scissors case, biscornu, scissors fob, and needle case, all stitched in cross-stitch. The pattern is by Sharon Manspeaker, and she is offering it as a freebie for personal use only. The link is:-


My Eldest Son Justins' Design & Finished Piece

Through the winter when the weather was bad, and when my son was feeling a bit poorly he decided that he was going to do his own design rather than using a chart made by someone else. He is a very fast stitcher, and completed it in about three days, I was amazed. This is the result.

He has always been artistic, mostly nudes, but he has recently started a new style of art, modern, clean curving lines that would fit in with the minimalistic style that a lot of people like today.

This is one of them painted in acrylic on canvas .


  1. Giraffe is adorable! I love XSHappy's blog, too - she has wonderful designs, too. Your son is really talented - beautiful jobs.

  2. Although I don't collect them (surprise), I do love to squeeze stuffed animals. Pretty giraffe! Your son is quite talented, and a very good stitcher as well. Give him a squeeze for us, too!

  3. Wow! you have one talented son! his stitching is amazing, his needle must have been flying.