Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Spring has sprung ,a couple of stitcheries, and a WIP,& men and sheds

Spring I think has eventually sprung in my neck of the woods, down here in South Devon, although we have had a few sharp frosts here in the mornings, we have been having brilliant sunshine to melt it all away very quickly. All the little spring flowers are popping up all over the place. Don't you think that nature is just amazing, all those beautiful delicate flowers which pop up each spring after having to force their way up through hard compacted soil which has been frozen for many months. It's truly miraculous.

I have put a few pics below of the little miracles that have managed to emerge after being out in all weathers in my garden, so too are the snowdrops which are pictured above.

First Polyanthus
Miniature Daffodils



Life has been getting in the way of stitching recently, what with my dear son having to go to hospital after gashing his leg wide open to the bone, whilst out riding in the woods on his bike, falling off, and falling on a broken bottle left by some stupid person. This happened on his half term holiday, he then couldn't go back to school for a week and a half while he still had stitches in.

Then with the job that my DH does he gets up very early in the morning, so having to go to bed early at night in order to get enough sleep to muster up the energy for the next day, I haven't had time really for much stitching between doing the dreaded chores. I have been making the most of the brilliant sunshine, and getting the laundry out on the line rather than wasting expensive electricity drying in the tumble.

What is it too, about men and sheds!! My DH says he has to have a shed in the garden..... well we had 2 up til the weekend before last..... then another arrived..... this time it was not a small one... I was told it was going to be about the same size as previous....... but no. Mind you DH is not the tidiest of men when it comes to sheds....and the other two were bursting at the seams. Oh what a Sunday I had, I head cook and bottle washer that day, with not being able to get out of my back door for mountains of tools and "and things that will come in handy", (junk); and I just supplied streams of coffee and food all day. The new shed was 10 ft square. I suppose it really did need replacing as the floor had gone in one of the old 6ft ones, but now I haven't got a view of the garden when I put the kettle on for a cuppa..... I have a view of the shed, yet to be finished with roofing felt.... it does have some water resistant roofing material on, but is not "Perfect yet".

I have managed to do just a little bit of stitching. I started to do a sort of RR called weatherpoems...... there is no time limit on getting it finished thank goodness, as there are 12 patterns to be stitched. It may turn out to be quite expensive if I don't have all the colour threads I need. I have already substituted a couple of colours in the first one called MAY which I have started. see below

The two pics below are off two more stitcheries which I have embroidered for my quilt.


  1. Your spring photos are lovely and your stitching is exquisite. Your blog always brings a smile to my face as I love the way you put it together and relay the story going on.

  2. I'm sorry about the view but glad to hear from you again! Lovely signs of spring down there!

  3. I just love your spring flower photos. Beautiful. Your stitching looks fab. I love the sheep.
    As for the shed. Sorry to hear that it will mess up your view. And hopefully it will be finished up soon so you can get back out and enjoy the sunshine and flowers.

  4. Sorry to hear about your DS and all going on. Men and their toys...Stitching looks great - love the sheep and embroidery. :)

  5. Sorry things have been so rough lately! Here's hoping for better days to come. :) Your stitching and embroidery look beautiful!

  6. Hope things are settling down for you. Isn't it funny what men think are necessary when we know for a fact stitching, chocolate, shoes, etc are what's really important!! Your stitching is very nice. I'm doing the RR with you and wondering if you changed the color of the sky in yours? I really like it and am afraid the original is a bit to bright blue for what I want. If you did what color did you use?

  7. Snowdrops are my favorite spring flowers :) Your stitching is lovely. Hope your son's leg heals up quickly.
    Maybe you can send your hubbie to our house to build a shed. We have been talking about doing one for years but have not gotten round to it yet.

  8. Beautiful stitching, Dawn, as always! Your garden must be lovely with all the flowers starting to bloom. Send some of that sunshiney weather our way won't you? Maybe this shed is big enough for DH to stay in if he becomes too much of a handful in the house *wink* LOL *Hugs*

  9. Penny...... both me and DH had a giggle about stitching chocolate and shoes etc being whats most important.
    I thought the sky in the patterns was too bright, and I have used DMC 828 for the lighter bit, and Anchor975 for the fractionally darkerblue.

  10. Carol.....Hubby says he'll come over in a shot, so long as I can come and supervise then we'll get that shed done for you.
    I really really need to come to Tennessee, but funds will not allow... its always been my dream, as my blood fathers ancestors, lived in Tennnessee, and he was brought up there as a boy.

  11. Thank you all ladies for your lovely comments, and am very chuffed that you take the time to read my prattlings.

  12. Hope your son is better now. Your flowers are beautiful. Lovely stitching, love the sheep.


  13. Beautiful stitching Dawn, yes spring is definitely here now :-) Have put a little something on my blog for you.

  14. Round robins are great, but yeah its a challenge when you have to go out and buy things to complete it!

    Your embroidery is beautiful!

  15. Your stitching pieces are beautiful. I love the two embroidery pieces for the quilt.

    Your snowdrops are gorgeous.

  16. Just wanted to say I saw your note on BB and am so happy for you that you're feeling like stitching again! Life takes its turns, doesn't it? We have to stand up and in the gap for our kids, if nothing else, don't we? Look forward to seeing and hearing more from you soon!

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