Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year, A Winter Wonderland, a WIP, and a finish

A Happy New year to all the lovely visitors to my blog, may 2010 bring forth, health and happiness and peace to everyone.

The above picture is of a gift from a lovely stitching friend DJ who lives in the USA. She was working so hard before Christmas putting in all the hours God made where she works, and yet she still found time to make and send me this gorgeous little ornament. Isn't it cute!!

For days the weather forecasters have been saying we were going to have snow.....normally living by the sea we very rarely have snow, but this year is an exception. The rest of the UK have been suffering really badly with snow and freezing conditions. This morning was our turn, and we awoke to a smattering at 5.45am with regular falls later on, so much so that the schools have closed as teachers couldn't get there, and with my husband being told by his boss that he would rather him stay at home with pay than drive and have an accident. Of course neither of them complained. My son was eager to go out into the cold as he has never seen much snow at all. We have more snow forecast for later on today, and freezing temperatures tonight, so it may be everyone home again tomorrow.

After having a cup of coffee we decided that we would all go out in it, so after clearing the path by the drive, and having a snowball fight; we went for a walk. I thought that I would share with you some of the pics that I took whilst out.

DH & Son

DH not looking too happy at having his pic taken

Sub tropical plant in Garden

Teasels in the snow

Wild Dog Rose hips in the snow

Snow Angel

The next pic is of a small stitchery quilt that I did for a present for my DS and his family as part of their Christmas present to hang in their hall of their new house.

The next pic is of a stitchery which I did for myself which was intended to be on the wall for Christmas, but with everything that was happening before Christmas I never got to make it into a small quilt pic. I will finish it into a quilt pic, as soon as everyone has gone back to work, and school.

The stitchery was supposed to be in redwork only,but I thought it would look much prettier in a few colours. I worked the piece in DMC thread with Krienik metallic filament and Spirelli metallic thread.

The pattern is a freebie, and can be found at , thank you to Kaaren for this lovely little Stitchery.

My last pic is of the WIP that I am doing, I have been stitching this for the past two evenings whilst watching the TV. I thought that I would do it in white on the Dark Coffee Belfast 32ct that DH bought for me, along with some new gold needles, that he put in my stocking for Christmas. It seems to be more apt colours for this time of the year.

NB :I think that most of my pics I have posted this time will enlarge if you click on them.....if you have found previously that they wouldn't I have now found out that I was reducing the size of them too small, and therefore they wouldn't open up to a large size. Sorry for this previous boo boo.

Info for those US genealogists out there!!!!

If you have European ancestors who migrated from Europe to the US from the middle to late 1800's until 1914. I have recently discovered that if they left Europe from the Port of Hamburg, they will not have sailed directly to the USA, and will have arrived in Hull, England first before travelling by train or carriage the next day to Liverpool,England and then going on to the USA.

In Hull Records Office they do hold lists of passengers, occupations, dates etc of all the passengers who arrived there to be migrating to the USA.

They would have stayed in a lodgings house on or very near the quayside before they continued their passage to the USA.


  1. Je vois qu'il y a aussi plein de neige chez vous ;-)

    J'adore la broderie avec les deux oiseaux sur le fil en rouge ;-)

    Bonne journée !

  2. That poor plant must be in shock with the snow, lol.
    Love the look of your current project, look forward to seeing it finished

  3. WOW...I can only wish we'll get that much snow. We'll be lucky to see a dusting. Maybe it'll be enough to keep us all home though.
    Love your embroidery stitching.

  4. Loved the snow pictures, Dawn! I especially liked the one of the snow on the rose hips, must be the red and white, such a neat picture! You're hubby was good to you at Christmas! The information for genealogists is interesting as most of my ancestors DID come through Hull (DH's too!) I need to go there one day and do some research! Glad to see you are back online, I missed you and your updates! *Hugs*

  5. Very nice pictures of the snow. Love your stitching and the lovely ornament you got.


  6. Wonderful winter times! Love the birds. The white on darker is really appealing to me, too. DS 14: yes, he probably will grow out of doing 'young' things, but those 'grow up' years will pass, too, and he'll come back to his fun-loving self again!

  7. Lovely pics of the snow looks fab :) your stitching looks great well done hun xxx

  8. Beautiful pics, I esp. love the teasels, it looks like a snowball tree! Your work is lovely. I hope we get some snow this winter.

  9. Love the present and your stitching; it's all beautiful! And the pictures in the snow are so pretty - enjoy!

  10. Lovely stitching, I especially like the one you are working on now. The snow angel picture is precious - love it!