Thursday, 26 November 2009

A Freebie.... the end of a rainbow, and a finish.

We have been having a lot of heavy rain with sunny spells in between lately, and this is a pic of a rainbow that appeared one afternoon...... it seemed that the crock of gold must be down a neighbours chimney!!

I feel that I should be doing more about Christmas as it will soon be upon us, I really should be in the kitchen making Christmas cake, but I seem to have lost my mojo at the moment. I have been stitching for Christmas, but just cannot work up the enthusiasm to think about the shopping, and the food making. I suppose with all the works that have been going on, on the house it has detracted from the Seasonal feelings. I am sure that come the 1st day of December, and I will get the feeling come back to me.

Here is a pic of a beautiful Christmas orni which I was sent by a stitching friend Abi from Yahoo Friendly Stitchers Group which I also belong to.

The pic below is of the Christmas Orni that I did for Mouse in the same ornament swap on Friendly Stitchers Group. The pattern is called "White Christmas",and was a free pattern which can be found at Drawn Thread

This is the back of the Orni

I have been doing a lot of Christmas stitching, but unfortunately I cannot show you what I have done, or it will not be a surprise for the recipients, as they are all bloggers.

I just had to show a pic of my Lipstick Plant. Despite the mistreatment it gets, and the lack of water most of the time, it survives despite everything. This is the third time that it has flowered for me this year. Its home is on my stairs on the windowsill next to my pottery Camels. I don't know the real Latin name for it, its just known as lipstick plant.


  1. Aeschynanthus radicans - sorry, couldn't resist looking it up, native to Malaysia! Hope you get your mojo back soon. Mine, with the move and the new grandson has disappeared for right now!

  2. Thanks Gillie for the name of the Lipstick plant, and where its native to. I hope you get your mojo back too.


  3. Ah...would that be Finian's Rainbow? One of my favorite (though ancient) Musicals.
    "Look, look, look to the rainbow; follow it over the hills and stream.
    Look, look, look to the rainbow; follow the fellow who follows his dream."

  4. Lovely ornaments. Hope you can get into the Christmas spirit soon.


  5. Pretty ornies, and love the plant. Looks like one I MAY not kill...but then again...