Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Rummage in the Attic, a Finish, and a Giveaway

Thank you to all the ladies who posted a message to my blog last time. All messages are greatly appreciated. To those of you who just come to have a quick peek, just say Hi, I would love to hear from you.

As you can see from the picture above, I have been buying yet more stash. The pattern that you see I bought online on Saturday from a site that is new to me. The lady who owns it is called Fee, and I think, but wouldn't be sure is a fairly new designer. If you click on her name it will take you to her site. The site is a bit strange in the fact that when you get to the site you need to scroll down to see what you have clicked on, after choosing what you want to look at.

I really fell in love with her little star and thought it quite different to the normal patterns for Christmas.

The Hardanger was a snip on Ebay, and the two reels of heavy Braid are what I found when I visited our local recycling centre. I was amazed that anyone should throw that away. All they charged me was £1 for the two reels.

The Stef Francis thread is gorgeous, and I am going to use it to embellish ornaments at Christmas. If you click on her name that I've highlighted it takes you to her website for the most gorgeous of stitching threads, silks, linen thread, hand dyed threads etc., which you can buy online much more cheaply than through retailers.


I have been driven mad for a while now wanting to find a Deighton's book of patterns that I had bought back at the beginning of the 90's. After turning out every conceivable drawer and cupboard I tuck things into, and still not being able to find it, I decided that it must still be in a box in the attic which I hadn't sorted out when we moved to this house 7 years ago. Much as I hate heights, I endeavoured to climb the ladder into the attic, I just couldn't believe all the boxes of stuff I had made my poor suffering husband Phil, put up in the attic. I sorted through kids toys ,to wallpaper, to boxes of pottery and porcelain, records, and you name it it was there, but no pattern book. I knew exactly what things it was with too. Eventually after turning much rubbish out I was ready to get out of the attic, and frustratedly said to my husband well I expect it is staring me in the face but I can't find it. I just turned to get on the ladder, and it was there right in front of me. It would have hit me in the face getting in the attic if it could have done. So now I am happy, and can do some Italian Quilting..... I believe some people call it Trapunto.

Another treasure I want to share with you is from my childhood. Whilst in the attic I found a little book that my Granny gave to me, as I was sooo into books, fairies and poetry. Alas, I have found out that the little book would have been worth about £250 today "if", I hadn't have drawn dear little pictures above each poem. The book is a first edition of Rose Fyleman's " The Fairy Green". The little book was printed in 1919. Here is a pic of the book and one of my favourite poems from it. I don't care of the value it would have been. Memories of childhood, and the love of a Granny mean more than money to me.
The Fairy Green

Upon the magic green I stood

within the fairy ring,

Close to the little rustling wood

Where fairies always sing.


I was a little bit afraid,

I kept my eyes shut tight,

While all around they danced and played-

I felt the shining light.


Nearer and nearer still they came,

They touched my dress and hair;

They called me softly by my name;

I heard them everywhere.


I never moved, I never spoke

(oh,but my heart beat fast),

And so the little fairy folk

All went away at last.


To-morrow I shall go again

And seek the magic place,

I shall not be so foolish then,

I shall not hide my face.


But I shall stay for hours and hours

Until the daylight ends,

And we shall dance among the flowers

and be the greatest friends.


And I shall learn their fairy song;

And when I come away,

Shall dream of it the whole night long

And sing it every day.



Whilst searching I came across a cross stitch pattern that I know I will never stitch, as it was when I used to be interested in all things mystical. So I have decided to do a giveaway. If anyone who would like to have the pattern ,put your email address on a message at the bottom of this posting, and then I will put all the names into a Randomiser so that the giveaway is fair. I will do the drawing of the names on Sunday 13th September, and post out the following day.

This is the pic of the pattern, click pic to enlarge:


My Latest Finish

Unfortunately I had to take the pic through the glass of the picture frame, so if things look a bit cloudy you will know why.

And this is a little stitchery treasure pod I made whilst watching TV


  1. Love it all! Your finish is so cute - love the add-ons and your smile! Glad you found your Italian design book and what a treasure in your dear Granny's book for you. How sweet!

  2. The pattern of the star is really magnificent, I've to try to find it for me. Your latest Finish in red with french words is very beautiful too. Very good work.
    I like very much dragons and all which is "Fantasy". My e-mail is katedan@hotmail.fr to participate at you giveaway.
    Regards Kate from Les Loisirs de Kate

  3. I love your finish Dawn. Well done!! The cover of your fairy book is just precious. There is nothing like childhood memories. So glad you found your book and I know the feeling of looking for something and its right in front of you. Love all your bargains too. Happy stitching and sewing.

  4. Hi dawn as I am a lover and a collector of dragons please enter me in your giveaway...my email


    thank you

  5. Hi Dawn! As usual it was a pleasure to peek at your blog! What fun to find new patterns/designers on the internet. What is so funny is that I ran across this designer this week in my "surfing" as well! I do love the star, it's a wonderful choice. And strangely enough, I also had the dragon/castle pattern (I stitched it for my son a while ago). Great minds think alike! haha Thanks for sharing. *Hugs* DJ

  6. Love the fairy poem, i too have some books that were given in my childhood (i was the 3rd generation on 2 of them) hopefully one day i can pass them onto my children. Books may gain value but unless its read and loved then its no use xxx

  7. Oh, what fun a rummage can be - truly loved things that you haven't seen in so long! What a lovely ornament this star will be. Your stitching finish is so pretty! Thanks for sharing the poem. So special...

  8. Dawn
    It is always lovely to read your blog. Hmm the castle/dragon looks awesome. I can't beleive you don't want to do it. By the way do post the pix of your AT in the forum too.

  9. I would love to have the dragon on the castle.
    Amber Rutz

  10. Bonjour,

    Je découvre votre site, grace au group ;-)
    Et je vois ce dragon ... il me semble que je l'ai ... mais pas encore fait ! J'en ai commencé un de T. W. ... mais c'est long ;-)

    Il y a plein de bellles choses ici ,-)
    Je reviendrais ;-)
    Bonne journée !