Monday, 20 July 2009

Bits & Bobs ~ Freebie Antique Crochet Patterns..

Just how thrilled was I to receive this lovely blog award today from Michelle one of my blog followers. This has started my week off to a much better start than I thought it would be. You can see her blog at: . Thank you Michelle, and Hugs x.


Mary Wigham SAL WIP

I recently decided to join the Ackworth School, Mary Wigham Sal and have after having to rip out the first motif twice the pic below is my stitching so far. I have decided to do the Sal in only four colours of DMC 779 chocolate,841 Coffee, 152 Muted Pink, Ecru, the fabric is an evenweave 28ct linen. The pattern calls for a 32ct, but I thought 28ct would be better on the eyes. I was reading on the Ackworth School site that the students back in the 18th Century used a 40 ct fabric originally. Can you imagine what their eyes were like with the lighting they had way back then.


DH's little Finds....... when he was clearing out a house in the course of his work.

He found this little 1940's to 50's Needlekeeper with screw on thimble lid.

Another great find was some crochet edging which a lady must have made way back. When DH brought it home the edging was all discoloured and brownish. I have given it a bleaching, and a good wash in the washing machine, and it is as bright as it is ever going to be, with just two little iron stains in a couple of places there it must have been up against some metal at some time. Along with the crochet piece which is not quite finished, as is appears it was an edging for a table cloth or similar, there was also two patterns. One dated June 27th 1914...Pansy edging, and the other which could be the pattern for the edging I have shown a picture of, dated September 6th 1924. I have taken the pictures in Super Macro, so that anyone who is into doing crochet can have a go at the pattern if they so wish. I hope that if you click the picture of the pattern that the blog will allow it to enlarge.

If you would like to have a copy of either of the vintage crochet patterns please email me

The weather hasn't been very good this past week, and now the children have broken up for the school holidays, I do hope it will be fine next week. They have forecast rain for nearly every day this week its such a shame for the kids. But on another note the weather as it is is good for my vegetable garden, and everything is just producing nicely. We have had two pickings of succulent sugar snap peas, and I picked nearly half a washing basket full of broad beans last week. They were yummy. The rain is great for my courgettes too, I have been having to pick them every day. I think that I shall have to freeze some for the winter.We have tiny cherry, and plum tomatoes in the green house, and I am waiting on the large ones yet too fruit. The Khol Rabi is coming on. I can't wait to try that. Apparently you can shred it and eat it with salad. The oak leaf lettuce are doing well too, and I am waiting for the beetroot to get a little larger before I pull them. The copper ribbon seems to have worked a treat at keeping the slugs and snails from eating my purple sprouting, and they are nearly a foot high now.

I hope you have found something here to interest you, I must really go now as it is time that DH comes in from work, and I have to go and feed that man!!!


  1. Yum, yum, veggies look delicious! Your MW is lovely - such pretty colors. Lucky you to have such a treasure in the lace, patterns and needle keeper!

  2. Dawn, I love kohlrabi (the way it's spelled here) peeled and thinnly sliced with a nice dip, such as ranch dip or onion dip. Beautiful viggies!

    Jane in WV

  3. Congratulations on your blog award! You deserve it! The goodies your DH found are just lovely! Again, I'm picturing your house in my mind, it must be a treasure trove of lovely things. Thanks for sharing! *Hugs* DJ

  4. Love the colours you have chosen for your Mary Wigham SAL - they remind me of smoothy cream chocolates yum! Impressive veggies..

  5. I love your color choices for MW. I have the stuff, but not the start. What great finds!! Isn't that tiny needle keeper just fabulous? Garden veggies - yum!!

  6. Mary Wigham SAL piece is coming along nicely. I love your color choices.

  7. Hi Dawn,

    I like the colors that you picked for your Mary Wigham piece. I'm going to enjoy watching yours develop.. :-)

    I enjoyed reading about your husbands finds.

    Okay, after seeing the veggies, I'm now hungry! LOL!

    Windy Meadow

  8. The Mary Wigham SAL looks great in the colours you've chosen. Look forward to seeing yours as it grows.