Friday, 26 June 2009

SAL Progress, Patchwork Blocks,Lavender Make....

This is my Alla Turca SAL progress, all up to date with part 6 finished, and part 7 eagerly awaited any day now. I just love ding this SAL it is to relaxing, and easy going.

Its been a funny sort of a week, starting very peculiarly on Saturday evening, when a sort of semi connected person in our family telephoned us to say that my Daughter and her family are stuck in Goa with no money as her income from an Internet business had ceased. I haven't heard from her or from any of the grandchildren in 9 months. I have tried to get hold of them but to no avail. I would have thought that if she was in such a predicament she would have gone to the British Embassy out there, and we would have heard something.But no! We spent quite a lot of time on Saturday evening until midnight trying to find out what had happened to them, via the Foreign Office, but to no avail, as they said if they didn't want to be found, or had not requested assistance there was nothing we could do. They did suggest other agencies such as the Police, but they were unable to help, as they said unless they were wanted for something they couldn't help. Apparently too they have moved house from where we knew they were living too, so that doesn't help matters.

All I have been able to think of is awful thoughts, and worrying about the grandchildren... ages 14,12 & 7. I really can't keep my mind from wandering, so please forgive me if my blog is a bit disjointed.

If there is a likelihood of Joanna reading my blog......please get in touch to let us know you are all OK.

On a happier note......Lavender Room & Drawer Fresheners

I have discovered on another blog which I can't seem to find the name of I found this wonderful idea of making these gorgeous little Lavender room and drawer fresheners. I thought they are ideal for someone who is allergic to the commercial type of freshener products. As my lavender is just about ready for picking now, I thought I would have a go. This is the pic of the end result

How to make them is quite easy. You cut about 10 stems from the plant as about 12" or more. Get all the heads together evenly, and just under the heads, wind some thread around about 6 times and tie off( I used crochet thread). Then about 6 inches down the stem wind the thread around again 6 times and tie off tightly. Then bring the cut end of the stems back up towards the heads one at a time,(it doesn't matter if they crack slightly). Then push the end of some 1/4" to 1/2" ribbon into the centre of the bunch to hold the end of the ribbon whilst you weave it in and out of the stems on the outside. When you have woven all the way up the stems, tie off ribbon and add a loop through the tied off ribbon for hanging the completed piece. Trim off the end of the stalks of the lavender at that end to make it neat. Add a bow to the bottom.

And there you have it sweet scented lavender pretties for decorating about your house. It keeps flies away too and soothes the mood, and aids sleep.

Two Finished embroidered Patchwork blocks.

These two blocks stitched up really quickly, and I thought they were just lovely, so I am going to make them into large cushions for my lounge like I did with the peacocks that I showed last posting.


This is a pic of one of my paintings that I did some time ago. I usually use watercolours, and gouache, I think that this one was done in watercolour.

This one I painted whilst sitting by the river Dart at Dartmeet.


  1. How awful to not know where your daughter and her family are.. I will be keeping you all in my prayers.
    Your embroidery looks wonderful as do your paintings! :)

  2. Beautiful stitching and painting. Hope you find out info on your daughter and family soon. PBS

  3. I will keep your daughter and her family in my prayers! Hope you hear from them soon.

    I love the SAL you are doing....great job!

    joanie R.

  4. I hope that you hear from your daughter soon, I have been in a similiar situation a few years ago and I know how it takes over everything until you hear that everything is ok

  5. I will also keep hoping for a quick resolution and that everything is just one big misunderstanding!

  6. I hope you hear some sort of news from your are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. *Hugs* Sorry to hear about your family, Dawn, I'll surely keep all of you in my prayers. Love the paintings that you've done, the colors are eye-catching! Your Alla Turca is coming along so nicely! It's going to be stunning when you are done. Thanks for sharing! *Hugs* DJ

  8. So sorry to hear about your daughter - i hope the situation is resolved soon.

    Love your Alla Turca, it's really coming along.

  9. Your SAL looks great Dawn. All your other stitching is most pretty. Nice paintings you did. You are full of surprises. ; )

  10. Wow!!! Great job, I also paint, but not like that, mine is more naive painting.

    Love your embroidery, I have a project hanging around, but I'm kind of afraid of starting it, I don't do the stitches evenly yet.

  11. Your work is beautiful!

    I hope you hear from your family soon.

  12. Love your Alla Turca SAL, it looks fabulous. Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she gets in touch soon and all is well.


  13. Thank you all you lovely ladies, I really appreciate all the supportive comments, and comforting words.

    Whether or not it was divine intervention, but my Jo phoned on Saturday to say that they were all well, and that she has now got a job with a large Company in India....they had moved, but she still didn't give her address. Never mind at least they are all safe, especially as the monsoons have come.

    Hugs to all of you.