Thursday, 28 May 2009

Redwork Flapper & Lovely You............

This lovely little pattern has been a delight to stitch, I cannot for the life of me remember where I found the pattern, but I do know it was a freebie I believe on one of the French sites that I visit..... I would dearly like some ideas as to what I should make the stitched piece into. The whole size of the linen it is stitched on is approx: 12" x 8.5". I did think of making it into a box for my husband as he really likes the pattern, but we have so many trinket boxes etc.
If someone has a brilliant idea, please leave me a message as to what I should turn it into.
I stitched it in DMC 817 on a raw linen,24ct which I found in a wonderful little shop called the "Hessian Shop" in a town nearby called Paignton. I have loads more of the raw linen, so I am going to be busy in the next few weeks.

The weather this week has been ideal for stitching, since most of the week it has been cold and wet outside. School half term and not having to do the school run has given me extra time to stitch.

The pic above is of a Redwork Flapper Lady hand stitched on Calico. I have decided that I am going to do more Redwork squares, and incorporate them in a patchwork quilt cover for a duvet.This will be an ongoing project which I will show pics of from time to time. The Flapper lady only took two evenings between watching TV, so I should be able to get quite a few done in a month.

I must share with you for those of you who like doing redwork my new source of finding pictures to stitch. Although you may already do the same!! I went on some of the card stamping sites yesterday, and found a lot of the blocks which the card stampers use, are ideal outlines for stitching. The pictures can easily enlarged for stitching, and then you can trace over the design either with greaseproof paper, or using a lightbox. You can then transfer the pattern after using a Sulky transfer pen.

These flowers were getting a bit beaten down by the wind and the rain yesterday, so I thought I would bring a few indoors to brighten things up a bit. The lilies have come out slightly lighter than they really are. Their proper colour is a dark crimson. I snipped the stamens off as they make such a mess when they drop their pollen, and actually it stains whatever the pollen lands on, and you have a terrible job trying to get the stain off.

Just a little warning: if you have cats, pollen from lillies is highly poisonous to them.

The Iris which are with the lillies in the vase, are most unusual, as they have an almost chocolate beard to their petals. They are an early Dutch variety.


The two delightful miniature pictures below, are a couple of the things which I found for sale at the weekend. We went on our adventures of trying to find a bargain again between the showers.


  1. Love the peacocks and lady! You could try a small pillow, maybe. Good luck! Lovely pictures.

  2. Hello Dawn
    I can tell you where you got the Peacocks from. Its from Paulette at Plum Street Samplers. Looks great girl. Love all the stitching you got done.

  3. Dawn, I love your peacocks! Wouldn't it be pretty on a quilted tea cosy? Then your DH could see and enjoy it every day.
    Jane in WV

  4. I have saved this pattern, too, and your lovely work makes it all the more tempting!

  5. Lovely work Dawn, i think i would go for a pillow finish too.

  6. Thank you ladies for your comments, I still haven't decided as to what to make the peacocks into.