Monday, 9 March 2009

Yet to be finished Mattress Pin Cushion

I don't know where this pattern came from but I thought it was so pretty. When I first looked at it I thought it was fuchsia's that were depicted in the stitching, but having got halfway through with the purple I realised that the plant was a bleeding heart, and that I had done the wrong colours. C'est la vie. I did originally mean to make a biscornu, but since finishing the pattern I am going to make the stitched piece into a mattress pin cushion.

Weekend Antique Finds

My family really do have the bug for getting up on a Sunday morning, and going to local Boot Sales/Trunk Sales, and flea markets. DH and DS go off looking for PC bits and pieces, as that is what they are into. Under sufferance they start off with me looking for little pretty bits of porcelain of days gone by, but as I get slower and slower with my rummaging, and avid scouring of the stalls they disappear. Only to meet up when our paths cross at the end.

This week I found this beautiful little hand painted Japanese visiting card tray. I just love the colours. I also found a near set of Japanese Lithophane cups, saucers,cream jug and sugar bowl, and cake plate. A lithophane is like a photograph of a person which is incorporated into the eggshell porcelain and when held up to the light you see the picture.

As well as those finds, I also found these darling miniature Victorian Mantle vases which stand approximately 3.5inches tall. Their appeal to me is the little pansies which are on the front. I just have a passion for pansies.


  1. What a pretty little pattern Dawn. I also love old porcelain. You found some beauties there. Gorgeous!!!! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you spotted those finds. Enjoy!!